Fall 2016  Course Materials

A complete list of textbooks, supplies, and all other materials and course information for FALL 2016 courses can be found on the All Course Listing page.

Disclaimer- Purchases made from outside sources are not recommended and will not be supported by CCCOnline if problems occur.

When you are ready to purchase your materials or *sell used materials back, use the image link on the right for contact information.  All questions can be answered using these contacts.


Digital Courses

Many CCCOnline courses use digital course materials rather than traditional textbooks.  Digital courses use digital textbooks and other materials that are built directly into your course.  This means that you do not need to buy a textbook for a digital content course.  A digital content fee, which is much less than the price of the average textbook, is added to your tuition at the time of registration.  The fee pays for a variety of online resources including your textbook.  If you prefer, an optional hard copy of the textbook is available at your home college bookstore.  Unfortunately the digital content fee is non-refundable even if you should choose to buy a hard copy of the text.

Lab Kit Courses

When your online course requires a lab kit, CCCOnline orders your lab kit for you.  For more information on lab kit courses, please see our Lab Kit FAQ page.

Book Buyback

Get cash for your books at the end of the semester.  Check with your college bookstores to find out how much money your textbooks may be worth.  (Please note: many consumable items, such as lab kits, software, calculators, and Quick Study barcharts among them, are not available for buyback).

Please be aware that CCCOnline provides a list of the materials needed for your course. To purchase materials or sell back used materials, follow the steps below to display your home college contact information.


*Please note: many consumable items, such as lab kits, software, calculators, and Quick Study bar charts among them, are not available for buyback.

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