Lab Kit FAQ

Spring 2020    (rev. 1-13-20)

BIO 105, BIO 111, BIO 112, BIO 201, BIO 202, BIO 204, CHE 101, CHE 102, CHE 111, CHE 112, ENV 101, GEY 111, GEY 112, PHY 105, PHY 111, PHY 112, PHY 211, PHY 212, SCI 155, SCI 156

You do not need to place an order for your lab kit. Once you register for the course and pay your tuition and fees, CCCOnline will place the order for you. After paying your required lab kit fee and providing your address (see below), your lab kit will be sent to you after class begins.

Session 1 lab kits will be ordered 02/14/20. Session 2 lab kits will be ordered 3/17/20. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing and 7-10 business days for delivery. Assignments that rely on the lab kit will not be due until after this period.


When you log in to your course a pop-up box will appear that requests your mailing address (see the example below). You can also click on the “Lab Kit Order Form” link on your course homepage. Please fill this out immediately as CCCOnline will be unable to send a lab kit to you until this has been completed. A confirmation of the address you provided will be emailed to your student email account. Please review it to ensure the information is correct. CCCOnline and its lab kit vendors are not responsible for kits sent to an incorrect address. If you do not provide your address using these methods before the last day to drop the class, no extensions on lab due dates will be given.

Yes. Send an email from your student email account to Please include your name, the course in which you’re enrolled, and the correct address. All address changes must be submitted no later than the end of business the day before lab kits are ordered.

Lab kits cannot be shipped to a PO Box, but can be shipped to an APO address.

The process is exactly the same as described above. However, because international shipping takes longer, it is crucial that you submit your overseas address as soon as possible. CCCOnline will order kits for international students approximately one week after class begins. This will allow extra time for you to receive it. You should also inform your instructor that you’re abroad as special consideration may be given to international students who do not receive their lab kit in a timely manner. Because kits have to be approved by customs you should expect some delays. CCCOnline and our lab kit vendors are not responsible for delays due to international shipments.

Possibly. Some countries charge additional duties, taxes, and other fees in order to deliver the kit. These fees will need to be paid by you upon delivery of the kit and are not included in your tuition and fees. It is your responsibility and not that of CCCOnline or its partner lab kit vendors to pay these fees. If you refuse shipment on a lab kit you will not receive a refund and may be responsible for paying the additional cost of return fees.

Because of the contents of the lab kits you should not travel by air or train with your kit. It doesn’t matter if you check the kit or attempt to travel with it as a carry-on. Your kit could be confiscated and will not be returned to you.

No. Each person enrolled in a lab course will be charged a lab kit fee. All experiments in your course must be performed with the materials found in your own kit. You will be unable to access your class until you have paid your lab kit fee.

No. You will be charged a lab kit fee regardless of where you bought your kit, and a new kit will be sent to you.

If you’re not home to receive your kit, UPS will often leave your lab kit at the door, or if you live in an apartment, at the leasing office. However, it is at the discretion of the driver as to whether or not they will do this. It is recommended that if you’re not at home during the day to receive the kit, you should have it sent to your work or to a location where it will be easily delivered to you in a timely manner.

Shipping charges are built into your lab kit fee; however, if your kit is returned to the vendor as undeliverable for any reason it will be your responsibility to pay for redelivery of your lab kit. However, if you are studying abroad, you will be responsible for any customs or other fees that may arise.

For Session 1, if you drop your course before census date (02/11/20) a kit will not be shipped to you and you will receive a refund for the lab kit fee. If you drop your course after census date (02/12/20), you will not be able to return your kit and you will not receive a refund for the lab kit fee. For Session 2, if you drop your course before census date (03/12/20) a kit will not be shipped to you and you will receive a refund for the lab kit fee. If you drop your course after census date (03/13/20), you will not be able to return your kit and you will not receive a refund for the lab kit fee.


CCCOnline will assess these cases on an individual basis. Please send an email from your student email account to that contains the following information: your name, S#, home college, telephone number, previous lab course you were enrolled in, semester and year you’d enrolled in that course, the current lab course you’re enrolled in, the lab kit order number (this is mandatory and can be found in the confirmation email you received from the lab kit vendor when you originally ordered it), and the date of the original order. If you are unable to provide this information CCCOnline may not be able to offer you an exemption.

No. Microscopes must be purchased separately, either from your home college bookstore, from local sources, or through an online retailer.

You need to do two things. First you need to take a photograph that shows your lab kit, the shipping label, and yourself. This needs to be uploaded to the Dropbox to authenticate your lab kit. Second, you need to use the content list to take inventory of your lab kit. Do not wait to take inventory as our lab kit vendors have a strict deadline in which these problems can be reported.

The content list that came with your kit has detailed information about who you should contact and how long you have to do so. You have 3 business days to report these problems to the lab kit vendor in order to obtain replacements.