Student FAQ

Get answers to commonly asked questions about CCCOnline courses on our Student FAQ. If you don’t find the help you are looking for in the FAQ, try  the CCCOnline Student Guidebook. However, if you still need assistance, please use our Contact Us form or contact the 24/7 Support Desk at 888-800-9198 or

    CCCOnline classes are different from classroom-based courses. If you are willing to commit the time, be self-motivated and self-disciplined, you can succeed as an online student.

    If you are wondering if online courses are right for you, here is some more information on online learning readiness

  • Do you have reliable internet access? You’ll need access to a computer and the Internet to be able to participate in class.
  • Are you comfortable learning new skills? Depending on your current level of experience, you may also need to learn new skills in order to view course materials and communicate with your instructor and other students online. Podcasts, discussion groups, chat rooms—these can all part of an online class.
  • Do you need face-to-face contact? Some people learn better that way. If this describes you, consider taking one of our hybrid courses. They offer some of the flexibility of online learning, but still include some face-to-face meetings on campus.
  • Are you disciplined? Online classes don’t meet at specific times, but you still will have deadlines for assignments, readings and discussions.
  • Do you think online classes will be easier? Online classes are not easier! They work really well for self-motivated, independent learners who are good at time management. If you’re a habitual procrastinator or need a lot of structure, things won’t be any easier online.

Yes. There is no substantive distinction between courses taken online and those taken on campus. Transcripts do not indicate that a course was taken online.

Schools and departments have varying policies about transfer credits. Colorado colleges and universities accept credits for classes on the Guaranteed Transfer (GT) list.

Many of the instructors who teach CCCOnline courses are the very same instructors who teach on campus. CCCOnline draws our instructors from all 14 partner colleges.

CCCOnline courses do not require you to report to a campus or special “testing center” for exams. However, some courses might require students to attend a field trip or other activity that may require some travel. You should check the individual description for each course for specific course requirements. Course Listings.

Online courses have the same prerequisite requirements as their on-campus counterparts. Check with your home collegecatalog or schedule for prerequisite information for specific classes.

Yes. Please contact the financial aid office of your home college for details.

Please contact your home college financial aid office for specific information.

You will receive a Welcome email sent to your student email account within 24 hours of registering. Approximately one week before classes begin, you should receive additional email with more course information.

In general, CCCOnline courses do not require you to be online at a specific time. Plan on logging in to your course website at least three times each week to participate in discussions and stay updated on class deadlines.

You will access online classes via your home college portal.

You will interact with your instructor primarily through email and discussion boards. Other methods of interaction are at the discretion of your course instructor.

No. In general, students cannot “work ahead.” Most assignments are posted as they are assigned in the normal flow of the course. The due dates of your assignments will be available to allow you flexibility in scheduling work and managing your time.

Some courses may list assignment topics in advance, but students may not be prepared to properly attempt them until they have completed the preceding coursework.

The Syllabi are also available within the class.

Textbooks and course materials might vary between colleges. You can purchase your materials directly from your home college bookstore using cash/credit or financial aid. To see listing of required and optional materials, please visit ourbookstore page.

Some classes may require a webcam or headset. You should check each courses individual description for specific course requirements.

Some classes might require special software. You should check each courses individual description for specific course requirements.

CCCOnline provides 24/7 technical support to students via 1-888-800-9198 or

CCCOnline offers a variety of start dates throughout the year. Please see our Academic Calendar for information.

Students are unable to access their online class until the first day of class. If you are enrolling after classes have started, it may take up to four hours for your class to appear on your home page. If you continue to have trouble accessing your course, you can contact our 24/7 technical support at 1-888-800-9198 or

Please check your student email account regularly prior to the start of classes for important emails regarding the status of your student account. Those who fail to pay by the deadline are dropped from class, lose access to the course website, and are not able to submit assignments. To request re-enrollment, please submit our Re-enrollment Form. Each request is evaluated in accordance with our Course Attendance Policy.